April 1, 2012

Forcing to Brace oneself to advance forward

Hello readers,

Been busy for many many many months and now yet still busy with life, work, and also social.
Life never been easy for either you or me, I am sure about that. In fact, it is getting tougher as days goes by.

I am now in my final year of my undergraduate programme and yes, I am excited to graduate and start earning to support myself. I do support myself now as well, so do click on the advertisements if you're interested. :)

Time really flies these days, at a glimpse of an eye, it already near to mid of the year now. Oh yeah, today is APRIL Fool Day.

So taking this opportunity to revamp my blog and changed the design of it and whatever not. How do you find it? It that photo of me too big? HAHA!

I really don't know what to write after quitting blogging for so many months, or perhaps years. Used to be quite an active blogger but till late, just got busy and lazy. Anyway, been actively involved in media events that allows me to expose to the entertainment world, actually. I like that. Also, continuing my journey of composing music and songs.

If you want to listen, I am sure you are listening to few now, please comment and rate it. If you do like it, help me to spread my music to the rest of the world. I hope that my music can give you not only pleasure but courage to overcome whatever obstacles you are facing now. :)

So, yeah, a short post before I get back on what I have in mind to write.

Thank you for reading!

Chris. :)

January 5, 2012

The Moment

My new song!! Please comment and rate it. :)

If you like it, please share it out. :)

The Moment

Thank you!

October 6, 2011


I seriously don't even know why.
It was all sudden that all the feelings just came surround me.

It started to guide me to flash back on so many matters.
so many incidents, so many memories, and so many endless dreams.

Some which I hope it was never be there, some that hope it is still in place.
Some which I hope it never ended there and then, carrying on with the memories and the endless dreams.

What could we do? We cannot do anything much. Just able to recall, flash back, and remember the moments.
It was never easy but it was never difficult too. We were the culprit of all.
We were the factors, and yet, we never ponder our true self.

It is sometimes, too late, for things that happened, for moments that passed, for memories that faded.
But, hidden in the blurry corner of our mind, there they were.
There they were the things that we tried not to remember, not to mention, and not to feel.

The feelings and emotions are just too difficult to be describe.
So difficult that we might just loose our breath, our motivation, our directions.
It also made us to think negatively towards the current people around us.
It come in sudden, it never goes in sudden.

Time, is what can make it away.
Time, is also what make it fade, BUT.
The feelings and emotions may appear to us anytime, anywhere.

I am tired, I am falling back,
but, I will stay strong, I will stay focus.

Pushing myself for better.

P/s: I am falling back does not mean I am falling back in any aspects. I am referring to I am moving too slow that I am falling back in my progress.

July 14, 2011

I got MY JACKET!!!


I got my jacket from Korea!!!
I will be wearing it on 28th of July!!!
Will then only post up the photos. :))))))

Looking forward to it!! hahaha!!

June 24, 2011


Hello everyone,

It's been really ages I last update this blog.
Its either no mood to blog or busy with life.

Just some updates,

I am so into korean fashion. haha!
Just ordered a jacket from Korea. Hopefully will reach by next week. :)

Will try to update soon.

Till then,